My life through horses

Horses are important to God. The horse is mentioned in 188 verses from Genesis to Revelation-they come up. Men of war rode the horse, men of peace typically rode mules or donkeys, makes no difference. From the early days when the earth and man were new until the day when Jesus returns, the equine animal makes an impact.

There is no distance between our modern day life and the impact of the horse either. Conquest, expansion, construction are all stamped with hoofprints, North America herself would not be what she is today without this animal. Although the horse may not be carrying generals into battle or hauling supplies from coast to coast, the horse is still vital and ever present. If you don’t believe me I would love to introduce you to a multi billion dollar industry centered completely around this animal.

As for me, I don’t learn life lessons easily. Maybe I’m unique in the world with this trait but I doubt it. God knows this about me, He planned it that way. He also knows hindsight is my best vantage point, which is why horses don’t live that long. It’s no accident that God gave me a life full of horses, God doesn’t make accidents.

Horses are a common theme in my life and this blog is going to begin including some of these lessons I have learned through the horse. Some lessons were easy-Good horses buck, others were more difficult-who am I as a person and as a person in Christ. The stories may be through the horse, but like with all things in this life, the glory is with the Lord. Reflection of these periods of my life has allowed me to step back and realize God’s presence in my story, which is in truth His story and I hope others may be motivated to do the same.

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the lord.

Proverbs 21:31

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Grew up on a cattle ranch of the harsh desert of southwest Wyoming taught me most of my life skills while inspiring a creativity at the same time. Now I am a stay at home mom of 2 little boys navigating motherhood, homeschool, home based business and of course continuing my love of horses.

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