The first

First steps. First day. First love. First adventure. First broken heart. Everything starts with a first, there’s no avoiding that. Some firsts are memorable, staying with us throughout our lives. Often times a scent, a voice can trigger a memory bringing back that first experience and all the emotions that followed with it. Other firsts are so mundane or commonplace that they get shelved among all the other memories not to stand out on their own.

However that “first” is categorized one thing for sure is that it is different from the rest. Unrefined, new, infantile sometimes. The most powerful thing about the first is that as simple and inexperienced it may be, it is the bedrock for everything that follows.

A foal’s first steps are undoubtedly the most wobbly and insecure steps the animal will ever take in it’s life, but they are the most vital. Life itself literally depends on that baby taking those first steps. Without those steps he cannot reach food both from mama and his environment. Proper bone structure and blood flow will not be achieved without those steps. The finished reining horse sliding to a stop with arena dirt flying up from his hocks, mane billowing with the motion and those fierce strong muscles engaged in this atheletic manuver would be nothing without those first steps.

These words are my first steps. First day. First journaling attempt to put thoughts that have stemmed from years of watching, waiting, witnessing turn into words. I have imagined and mentally recited the things I would say given a chance to journal/blog my thoughts, but all of that is a hollow shell without action.

This post could very well be my weakest, most full of errors but it is the foundation of my goals for everything that follows. With my grandma’s quilt on my lap, sun shining through the window to my right, babies and dogs napping in the other room, tv playing quietly in the background, the smell of coffee in the air are my surroundings as I write this first post. Maybe this setting will be easily recalled in the future when I think back on this first post and maybe they won’t. One thing is for certain, all posts following this are dependent on this first and will never be quite the same.

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Grew up on a cattle ranch of the harsh desert of southwest Wyoming taught me most of my life skills while inspiring a creativity at the same time. Now I am a stay at home mom of 2 little boys navigating motherhood, homeschool, home based business and of course continuing my love of horses.

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